Issue No. 1 of 2010 • 1 May 2010


This is a special edition of the EAMJA
publication which has been published
through the collaborative efforts of our
willing partners ICJ Kenya Chapter. It
is a follow up to the EAMJA Annual
Conference held on May 17th to May
22nd 2010 at the Ngurdoto Mountain
Lodge in Arusha, Tanzania. It gives a
summary of the presentations made
at the said conference. The theme
of the conference was “The Role of
the National and Regional Courts in
Protecting Human Rights.”
We were honoured with the attendance of
The President of the Republic of Tanzania,
His Excellency, Joe Kikwete, who officiated
the conference and urged the judiciaries
of the East African States to be responsive
to the new economic, social, cultural and
political realities. On behalf of the EAMJA
council we take this opportunity to
appreciate His Excellency the President for
his attendance and well delivered speech.
We thank the three Chief Justices of Kenya,
Tanzania, and Uganda who were present
throughout the duration of the conference
for their open support and commitment
to the growth of this association. Our host
Hon. Chief Justice Ramadahan informed
us that he was due to retire as the Chief
Justice of Tanzania. We would like to take
this opportunity to wish him well in his
The organizing committee did exemplary
work and selected a perfect venue for the
conference. We recognise the President
of EAMJA Justice Fred Ochieng for his
able leadership of the association. We are
grateful of their efforts. We thank our
partners and co sponsors of the conference
ICJ Kenya for the support that they have
given to the association. I single out the
efforts made by Elsy Sainna who took
up this publication as her own personal
project. It is however unfortunate that
the treasurer of the Association Justice
Eliamani Mbise passed on shortly after the
conference and was buried at her home in
Arusha. She served the association from its
formation with dedication and commitment.
We recognize the efforts she made to grow
and better the association. A speech was
read on our behalf to the family, passing on
our message of condolence. The late Lady
Justice Mbise is survived by three children
and we pray that the Almighty will see them
through in life.
Rwanda and Burundi have now joined
the East African Community and we had
participants at the conference from those
countries. We welcome them on board
as members of EAMJA. We look forward
to their contribution that will surely be
beneficial to all.
The next EAMJA conference will be held
in Uganda in next year, 2011 on dates
to be announced later. The subsequent
EAMJA publication will be themed to the
next conference. We invite you to send in
your articles to the respective publicity
secretary in your countries. You are all
encouraged to visit the EAMJA website at for more information on
the association and current events.
Thank you all and God bless.




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