Increasing Muscular Endurance And Speed

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Are you looking forward to the ways to increase muscular endurance and speed? Do you want to avoid the injuries which happen during training? Well, then you have got to listen to us. We will give you the right advice regarding both. Let’s take a look below.

Significance of interval sprinting & calisthenic exercise
First and foremost, let’s see the meaning of interval sprinting. Well, interval sprinting is an exercise method, where you will run at varying paces. If you have trouble understanding this, then you can imagine an oval track. And then you imagine doing walking and jogging, taking turns. Well, we would recommend a one mile exercise around Olympic track. This is a very good exercise method to make sure that you have less number of injuries to deal with. Now let’s take a look at calisthenic exercise. Well, we call body weight exercise as calisthenic exercise. This is crucial for apex fitness. It is important to master body weight exercise in order to prevent injuries. Also, it increases awareness and flexibility. And most importantly, it increases the potential for having functional strength. Well, jogging is the perfect example of a calisthenic exercise. Besides this, you can do it anytime you want. Doing it for about 30 minutes every day is the perfect cardiovascular exercise that you can do. These days, people find the very effective in gaining muscle mass.

Learn more about plyometrics
What do you mean by plyometrics? Well, you don’t have to be intimidated by the word. It is the term to describe simple muscle stretching. There are various drills which can be taken as an example for this including bouncing, leaping, jumping, acceleration, quick foot movement etc. In the past few years, these types of exercises have become really popular. In fact, it is only a small piece of a training program. And you implement it on a need basis. In fact, you don’t need the help of equipment to do plyometrics. You can find a healthy protein powder for weight loss if that is what you are looking for.

Putting it all together
Let’s see how we can put all these together. The goal is to have a great workout session sans any type of equipment. Well, it is nothing complicated to begin with. Until you develop a consistent sweat, you have to continue to jog in a single place. Your body shall get cooled down due to this process. And you are warmed up enough for the exercise once you have done it; next up, run for 10 seconds hard on a straight track. Right after this, walk for one minute in a very slow manner. Once you are done with the one minute jog, get back into the 10 seconds intense run mode. You should repeat this for 4-5 sprints. And in the last step, you are going to add plyometrics to the mix. For more information, please click here.PRANAON-wristband